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RNI UNDER ATTACK - Saturday, August 29th 1970 - MP3CD

Recorded as events unfolded on the Saturday afternoon of August 29th 1970 & Sunday 30th August.....A Dutch nightclub owner approaches the Radio Ship MEBO2 in International waters off the Dutch coast....He tells those on board that he intends to cut the anchor chain, and tow the ship into port in Holland...What happened next was some of the most amazing radio entertainment ever recorded..... THIS CD IS AN MP3 DISC with over 20 hours of recordings......



The Radio Northsea Bombing episode - Saturday, May 15th 1971.... Virtually the full recording on 2 CD's, includes the Mayday calls, and a resume of the events broadcast the following day......



Recorded in 2005, here is an interview with ex Radio 270 and RNI DJ Alan West. He talks candidly about his career, and gives an insight into what really happened during the night of May 17th 1971, when the Radio Northsea ship - the Mebo 2 was bombed. Alan was on air at the time, and while the audio of the event is readily available, Alan's comments and observations about that night make interesting listening. Also featured are audio clips of Alan's time on Radio 270 off the coast of Yorkshire UK in 1967, and the Voice of Peace "From Somewhere in the Mediterranean" in 1984. The running time is just over an hour and the audio quality of the radio clips is as you'd expect from recordings that are over 40 plus years old......


RNI - OPENING BROADCAST - 28th February 1970

Roger Day and Horst Reiner introduce the new station to listeners....Music for young Europe.....The Sound of the World......on 186 meters medium wave....... Duration over an hour...... Audio Quality - reasonably good considering the recording is AM and 45 years old!

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