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This DVD features the 60’s most successful Offshore Radio Station:- Radio London, and is about 30mins long. The silent version of this film—on VHS Tape, was discovered in a suitcase many years ago.

The movie, presumably, originally filmed on Cine 8, has been digitally cleaned, and has had a number of photographs, narration and authentic 60’s music soundtrack added.

The film was taken around 1966, and you will see tender arrivals and departures, shots in the studio, DJ’s on deck, and an insight into what life was like at sea on board the Radio Ship—Galaxy.

You’ll also see a short clip of the Cheeta 2, the ship that came to Radio Caroline’s aid, when their ship, the ‘MI AMIGO’ went aground off Frinton on Sea in January 1966.

Also included is another short clip of the “Laissez Faire” - the ship from which “Swinging Radio England” and “Britain Radio” broadcast, and shows DJ Ron O’Quinn in the Radio England Studio.

There is also a 5 minute promotional film taken around the time of Big L’s closure in 1967, Featuring Big L DJ’s John Peel, Mark Roman, Willie Walker, and Paul Kaye.

(This DVD presentation is exclusive to Pirate Memories and is the Intellectual Property of Pirate Memories 2013)


BIG L - Galaxy Poster


A brand new reproduction B/W wall poster of the Radio London Ship 'Galaxy' at sea .....

Measures 15" x 20" ( 38cm x 51cm) on heavy matt paper....

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This CD tells the story of the most successful offshore radio station of the 60’s - Radio London.

The Big L Senior Tony Windsor spends an hour explaining how Big L worked, who was behind the scenes and who set it all up……

There are some top audio moments from over two and a half years of broadcasting – December 1964 to August 1967, with presenters and staff speaking candidly about the station….. And of course there are some of the most famous jingles in the world by “Pams”…..

Audio Quality - Very Good

Running Time :- Around 60 Minutes.



Lets start in December 1964, and hear Paul Kaye, with a recording which ranks as one of the earliest available from Radio London.

Paul presents the evening show on December 24th 1964, the station’s second day on air….and it shows….there are some obvious nerves, missed cues, background noises, and little of the professionalism that was to make Big L famous…. Having said that, it is a classic recording….lasting nearly 30 minutes.

After a Big L jingle, lets listen to Tony Blackburn’s theme tune, ably assisted by “Arnold” Tony’s on air dog…. Tony still used this theme when he moved to BBC Radio One.

Next up is a montage of recordings featuring Kenny Everett, Keith Skues, Ed Stewart, Paul Kaye, Norman St John, John Peel, and the unmistakable Tony Windsor….. In this mix you’ll hear the Fab 40 top ten rundown from December 1964…..Big L news bulletin…..Kenny and Cash excerpt…..T.W. with Windsor’s Castle…..The Roman Empire….Big L Beatles show promo…..Radio London sales promo…..Tony Blackburn show excerpt…..John Peel’s Perfumed Garden…..and Radio London Closedown Information…..running time for this segment…...about 29 minutes….

Moving on - Here’s Kenny again telling everyone about the first play of the Beatles fantastic new Album “Sgt Peppers”, and how to find the Big L stand at the Ideal Home Exhibition…..

Track 7 features a promo / trail called "Save the Pirates", and was aired during the final months of Radio London, when the station was encouraging listeners to boycott the closure of the Offshore stations by writing to the UK Prime Minister.

Finally, track 8 is a spoof recording featuring "Radio East Anglia" - on April 1st 1967, Radio London was 'taken over' by a ficticious radio station, as an April Fool prank.....Staff at the Radio London offices were not amused!

(Overall running time about 70 minutes)



This is a recording of Radio London’s longest serving presenter - Paul Kaye, from August 1967.

With the Marine Offences Bill looming - Paul presents the Coffee Break on his morning show, from the last week on air, and interviews “Mitch” the Radio London ship’s steward, who had been with the station since 1964.

The coffee break had become something of an institution on Big L, introduced by Tony Windsor, this feature was used to promote many stars, and also to advertise “Camp” coffee….

Pete Drummond follows Paul Kaye, with extracts from his final show on Radio London…..

There is also a bonus track of a further Paul Kaye 'Coffee Break' from Sunday 6th August '67.

These recordings are a nostalgic look back at a very popular and successful offshore station. The programmes - including music, advertisements, and the unmistakable PAMS radio jingles, will make a great addition to any “Pirate Radio” collection.



This is a recording of Radio London’s Final Hour…..broadcast between 2.00pm and 3.00pm on Monday August 14th 1967.

The last hour was pre-recorded with presenters Paul Kaye, who was the only remaining member of the original 1964 on air team, and Ed “Stewpot” Stewart, who joined Big L in the summer of 1965.

The show featured many pop stars of the day saying their farewells to Radio London, included were Ringo Starr of the Beatles, Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Cliff Richard and Tom Jones.

Advertisers were charged large premiums to have their commercials featured in the final show, and Big L’s Managing Director Philip Birch closed a speech to listeners with the words, “The world will get by without Big L, but I’m not sure it will be a better place.”

After the Beatles track “A Day in the Life” Paul Kaye closed Big L with a simple statement - “Big L time is three o’clock, and Radio London is now closing down.”

Radio London’s theme tune ‘Big Lil’ was played for the last time and 266 mters went silent, so ended two and a half years of truly professional offshore broadcasting, leaving in the region of 12 million listeners without their favourite Station.



Here are two recordings of Radio London’s Senior DJ, Tony Windsor, recorded around 1972 and again in the early 1980's - talking candidly about his time on Big L and other offshore stations.

He describes his feelings on first seeing Radio London in October 1964, and how the station was put together on board the 'Galaxy'.

Tony describes how the Radio London's DJ’s were recruited and moulded into the professional team that made Big L the most successful of the 60’s offshore pirates.

Tony also recalls how he had to deal with the likes of Kenny Everett, Earl Richmond, and Dave Dennis, and plays promos recorded by Everett in the ships new studios.

He explains how the Big L top 40 was compiled and how he became famous for his “Camp Coffee Break”.

The second interview was recorded at BBC Radio London, where Tony gives his opinions on independent radio in the 1980's.

Considering the age of these recordings, the audio quality is remarkably good, but please do not expect FM quality.

The running time is around 30 minutes for each interview



Here's is an 8 CD recording of Radio London's Final Day.