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"Not So Jolly Roger" DVD

"Danger Man", or "Secret Agent", as the series was known in the U.S., followed the exploits of John Drake, played by Patrick McGoohan.

With typical James Bond settings, Drake flew around the world taking on the baddies, using gadgets similar to Bond himself.

In this episode: "Not So Jolly Roger" - Drake finds himself being shipped off to 'Radio Jolly Roger' to investigate claims of espionage.

The radio station is situated offshore - as were all the pirate radio stations of the mid 60's, notably this station being on the sea forts of Red Sands - then occupied by offshore pirate Radio 390.

He joins the station as Johnny Drake - 'JD your DJ', and immediately falls foul of the management by asking too many questions about the operation of the station.

The film features a number of vocal tracks - none of which were ever officially released as singles, however - many of these have appeared on the Danger Man website, and can be downloaded.

NSJR also features 60's Australian singer Patsy Anne Noble who plays Suzie - another of the station's DJs.

There is the inevitable fight scene, and Drake is swept over the forts guard rail and into the sea some 60 feet below.

It was well known that Patrick McGoohan liked to do all his own stunts. When you see this fight and Drake is being forced over a guard rail - it really is him....he didn't use a stunt double!

All the outside shots were filmed over a three day period in 1966, whilst Radio 390 continued broadcasting their programmes.

The rest of the sets were built in studio, and look quite business-like, although the interior shots show the studios and living accomodation as being quite lavish, where in reality, conditions on the forts were spartan to say the least!

"Not So Jolly Roger" was filmed in black and white and is around an hour long. The DVD is an MP3 copy, and the quality is very good considering the original age of the content.

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