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In the early days of UK offshore pirate radio , a squabble between the Managing Director of Radio London and one of the company's Texan shareholders, led to a boardroom split and the start of another Pirate Station called Swinging Radio England.

At the time, the original shareholders had wanted Radio London to be a brash All - American station, playing American hits, and "full on" American DJ's presenting up tempo programmes.

It was clear after only a few weeks on air that Radio London was to be a watered down version, and this led to the Texan in question pulling out of the project.

He left stating that he would be back, with his own radio station, and it would be everything the Big L wasn't. That station was to be Swinging Radio England. Launched at a champagne reception in 1966, the station never really took hold of the UK market.

The presentation and musical style was far too over the top for its listeners, and advertisers were disappointed with low listening figures. In the end the station closed long before the Government imposed "Marine Offences Bill" that put paid to the Offshore Pirates, and was replaced by a Dutch music station.....

The story of Swinging Radio England however, is not widely known. It provides a fascinating insight into radio of that period, and highlighted the operators lack of experience in the UK market. Hear the DJ's explain how the station came about. There are programme excerpts, technical details and a number of classic "Pams" jingles.

Running time - approx 1 hour & 50 minutes

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