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Here's a PAMS jingle package for "Wonderful Music - First Gold Radio" - Guildford - Surrey UK, from 1988. This CD contains the on-air jingles from the very first AM split - Gold station in the UK. The station was originally called "County-Sound Radio". The overall sound of the station was unashamedly 60's Pirate based, most notably using many of the jingles made famous by Radio London. Pams Jingles are world renowned, and First Gold Radio rekindled those heady days of the mid 60's, with a mix of great tunes, and personality jocks. The Stations strap line was "Wonderful Music", and it certainly was! All of the Jingles included in the set have references to "Wonderful Music - First Gold Radio" and include: - "It's a Blast - Greatest Hits"..., "Thank Goodness It's Fun"..., "The Fastest Thing in the Air"..., "Have You Ever Been - Needless to Say - You're OK...", "You're Hearing Things...", "Merry Go-Go Round...", "Go-Go - Charge"..., "Music" - (Sonovox) - That's Our Middle Name"..., "Much More Music Every Morning"..., "Let The Good Times Roll"..., Pams Swissle Series jingles and beds..."1 - 2 - 3 Jumps Ahead"..., "Smooth Sounds of the Smart Set"...(Series), "Happiness Is"..., "Good Morning - Instant Heaven"..., "Remember This Golden Classic"..., "Here's Yours Truly With the Weather"..., "News Around the Clock". ........ Pams Jingles are unmistakable even after all these years, and this series is a great reminder of those Pams Classics, and Britains FIRST GOLD station!



Here's a PAMS jingle package for "1161 - Viking Gold" - Hull-UK, from 1989. This CD contains the on-air jingles from the very successful AM station which originally broadcast to Hull and surrounding areas in 1989 and 1990. The station was then incorporated into "Classic Gold" (NOT the United Kingdom - GWR version, by the way), and became part of a Gold network broadcasting to Hull, Sheffield and Bradford in Northern England.. The overall sound of the station was unashamedly 60's Pirate based, most noteably using many of the jingles made famous by the 60's Offshore radio station:- Radio London....... Pams Jingles are world renowned, and Viking Gold rekindled those heady days of the mid 60's, with a mix of great tunes, and personality jocks. The station strap line was "Good Times and Great Oldies", and didn't it show"! ........ All of the Jingles included in the set have references to "1161 - Viking Gold" and include: - "Instant Heaven".."A Merry Go Round of Music and Fun"..."It's a Blast"..."Remember this Golden Classic"..."Great Oldies and Memories Just For You"..."Stay With the Fun"..."Remember, You've Heard it and Danced to It..." Everybody Loves V.I.K.I.N.G...."(Deep sung)...It's Smooth Sailing"..."Your Best Friend Station"..."News Around the Clock" (Very Radio London!!) stabs...accappellas, shouts...AND the Viking Gold Theme Tune, which was an exact copy of the Radio London / BIG L Sonovox waltz theme.................. There is an additional second track on this CD featuring MITCH CRAIG PRODUCTIONS. This early 1990's demo features "Power Connectors", a series of drops and jingles for stations as diverse as Y100, WZPL, Z100, XL93, LNEL, BJ105, Y95, KISS-FM, WBMX, Laser104.1, POWER108, and numerous others. Using the great strap line "If this is too loud, then you're too old", this Jingles demo hits home really hard, and shows how jingle inserts can really make a good station great!



Here's a Two CD set, featuring "Classic Gold" - Yorkshire, UK, from 1989..... A few years ago, Classic Gold was recognised as the AM brand of GWR stations nationwide in the UK, however in 1989, after a very successful start, Viking Gold from Hull East Yorkshire, teamed up with the AM services of Radio Hallam in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, and Pennine Radio in Bradford, West Yorkshire, to become "Classic Gold"...."Good Times and Great Oldies".........

This station was based on the sounds of the 60's Pirate station 'Radio London' and soon became the most successful station across the North of England. (So much so, that another leading Radio Company - Metro Radio based in Newcastle, bought up the stations in 1992). The "Classic Gold" jingle package was supplied by the world's leading Jingle Company - PAMS, and when you hear these jingles, you are instantly transported back to the Hazy days of Carnaby Street, The Austin Mini, and the Pop Pirates.

There are over a hundred and sixty cuts of some of the most famous jingles in English Radio history.. Jingles include..."Smooth Sailing, with the Highly Successful Sound"..., "Remember...You've Heard it and Danced to It"..., "Good Morning"..., "Great Oldies"..., "Much More Music"..., "Up, Up, Up...With Your Musical Enjoyment"..., "You Ain't Heard Nothin' Yet"..., "It's a Blast" ....etc etc....All of the jingles are indentified with "Classic Gold", and there are references to the station strap line "Good Times and Great Oldies"...... There are the fully sung versions, Top only, and Tail only versions, accappella's, and shorts.

As part of the presentation for the CD jewel case, I have endevoured to copy the written information on the back of the tape box...This will give you an idea of the variety of cuts that the station used on air....All this includes the engineers remarks, crosses and ticks, and the famous PAMS logo....

It's a great collection!



This CD contains the first station produced jingles used by Offshore Pirate Station - Radio Caroline, several months after it came on air in March 1964. The recording session, according my research, occurred sometime in late 64, possibly, early 1965 and features session singer Madeleine Bell, with the unmistakable Hammond Organ heard on many of the original Caroline jingles in those early pirate days. There is some dispute as to when the session was actually recorded, but whenever it was - many well known jingles feature in the set - "Caroline - The Sound of the Nation" ... "Sounds Fine It's Caroline" ..."Man That's Groovy" well as instrumental beds, shouts and accappellas. This uncut recording session sounds pretty basic by today's standards, but can be considered as a milestone in broadcasting history.

There is an additional track on the CD featuring organist Jimmy McGriff playing "'Round Midnight". This tune was used to start transmissions on Easter Sunday 1964, and became the station's Anthem, closing broadcasts each evening. The tune was originally used as the theme to a programme called " Sunset Serenade".

Running time - approx 30 minutes



Over 250 jingles. Tunes, Sung Logos and Themes from the cream of the Offshore Pirates:

Disc One:

Tk 1 - 46 Radio London

47 - 58 Britain Radio

59 - 64 Radio City

65 - 82 Radio Caroline

83 - 98 Swinging Radio England

99 Mans's Fight for Freedom - Johnnie Walker

Disc Two:

Tk 1 - 14 Radio Atlanta

15 - 37 Radio Caroline

38 - 57 Radio Mi-Amigo

58 - 98 RNI

99 Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Wilson - The Opposition

Disc Three

Tk1 - 30 Laser 558

31 - 86 Laser Hot Hits

87 - 98 Radio Caroline (Latest)

99 We Love The Pirate Stations - The Roaring 60's

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