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Here is a CD of Radio 390, and a typical afternoons output from this Sweet Music Offshore Radio Station. Whilst the other pirate stations hadDJ's, Radio 390 employed 'announcers', who presented their programmes in a formal manner...playing standards from the likes of Percy Faith, Frank Chacksfield, Herb Alpert and Frank Sinatra.....

Track one: - Join Edward Cole, Lee Gilbert and Jack MacLaughlin, and enjoy excerpts from shows with tantalising titles such as "Stateside Special", "Intermezzo", "Memory Lane", "Teatime Tunes", and "On the Scene".

Track two is the Radio 390 stager - "Eve - the Women's Magazine of the Air"...Radio 390 was aimed predominantly at Housewives, and the shows were presented in a magazine format using this title as the umbrella....short 15 and thirty minute segments, making up the day's broadcasts.....

"Radio 390's style of music and it's presenters were a far cry from the other Pop Pirates, and that is why the station was so successful", said station Managing Director, the late Ted Allbeury....hear this interview recorded over thirty years ago, on track three of this CD.

This recording is in remarkably good condition, and even if the music content may not be to your liking, this CD is a true collectors item for 60's offshore radio fans.....(running time over 70 minutes)

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