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Pirate Memories bought the 'Flashback '67 Exhibition'

from an internet auction site in 2005.

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The original owner ran a publishing company in the mid 1970's, predominantly dealing 

with Pirate & Offshore radio periodicals, books and magazines.


With the impending 10th anniversary of the closure of the UK offshore / pirate radio stations 

in August 1977,  he decided to organise an exhibition and seminar,

and invited a number of ex-pirate DJs and presenters to attend.

The venue for the event was the Centre Hotel at Heathrow airport,

and the date was set for August 13th & 14th 1977.


The event was a great success, and tickets sold out. 


There was even a "live" link up with the Radio Caroline ship Mi Amigo during the proceedings.

After the event, the owner packed the pictures away and promptly forgot about them 

for a number of years.

In 2004, he decided to move and upon clearing his house, came across the packs of photographs 

in his loft. 


When Pirate Memories bought the exhibition, the photo boards were in a pretty poor state,

with a number being affected by damp and mildew.

Over the past 9 years we have refurbished many of the pictures,

added a stack of new photos and memorabilia, and redesigned the layout to make it more user friendly.

With the help of a number of sponsors, we attended a number of events in 2014,

marking the 50th anniversary of the beginning of offshore radio.


Go to the "Flashback 67 Exhibition Update" page to see many pictures of the exhibition 

in its current form.

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