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Capital Radio / 1970 - CD



Here is a CD recording of the first day of Capital Radio from the MV King David - dated September 1st 1970. Featuring the voice of Author Paul Harris - who wrote the books "Broadcasting from the High Seas" and "When Pirates Ruled the Waves", and Tim Thomasen, Capital Radio's Chief Executive, - this recording features the easy listening format the station was to adopt. Broadcasting from 3 miles off the Dutch coast at Noordvijk, Capital Radio was soon to have its fair share of trouble and on board problems. The ships antenna collapsed, the anchor chain broke, and finally the little ship was beached in one of the worst storms in North Sea history. All the while, the station was the minor broadcaster in a war between two other major stations, Radio Noordzee International and Radio Veronica, who were fighting to win over the Dutch listening public, and fighting between themselves! Capital Radio was to become a victim of this war, and never really reached its full potential. This CD features happier days, and will make a super addition to any collection of Pirate Radio recordings. Audio quality is average to good, but as you should expect from a recording of forty years old. Playing time : - over an hour.

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