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The Unruly Waves

Recorded in 1973, 'The Unruly Waves' charts the history of Offshore 'Pirate' Radio, from the early days of Radio Mercur to Radio Northsea International in the early 70's, with a number of original recordings and interviews. This recording gives an off beat insight into the world of pirate radio.....

This recording is direct from the studio master (Which I own), and is very good quality.

Running time 60 mins

1 x audio CD


Offshore Sounds - 1964-68

Here is the CD version of an LP produced in 1974 called : The Offshore Sounds - 1964 - 68"(Radio Gemini LP) This CD contains many sound clips and programme material not heard on other CD's and LP's currently available...The picture shown is the original LP sleeve design, however this CD has been re-designed, with a more up to date look and a number of new pictures on the front and rear cover..... On this CD you'll hear the following: Radio Caroline's early days with Simon Dee and Carl Conway, ......Radio Atlanta's opening day with Tony Withers (Later, Tony Windsor on Radio London) ......Radio Sutch, ..... Radio Invicta, ..... Tony Blackburn with Music and adverts from Caroline South, ..... Caroline North, ......Radio City with D.J.- Paul Elvey, ..... Radio London's Official opening day with Paul Kaye ......KING Radio excerpt with Roger Gomez, ..... Radio 390 and KING Radio sharing the same programmes, ..... Radio 390 presents "Eve - The Womans Magazine of the Air" ......Alan Black on Radio Scotland, ......Kenney Everett T-Shirt promo from The Big L ......Tony Windsor and Dave Dennis shows....... "Swinging Radio England" "The Hallmark of Quality - Britain Radio" ......Radio 270 photo offer ......BBMS with Richard Powell ......A "Fight for Free Radio" promo from Radio Caroline ......Robbie Dale show on Caroline South ......Various station closures ......Keith Skues on Radio London says goodbye.......Radio 270 closure with Rusty Allen. All in all, this is a very well put together CD and is a very collectable item, ... Much of the content here does not feature on other LP's and CD's that are currently available.... Recordings - mostly reasonable quality - some good, as you would expect from audio of this age.......


Free Radio - CD

Here is a CD called: FREE RADIO The album was originally produced on a long deleted French Label called Action Records, and captures the heady days of pirate radio off the Coast of Holland in the early 70's...... The picture shown here, is of the original LP cover.... The track listing is as follows:

1) "Man of Action" - Les Reed Orchestra (Radio Northsea International theme) ...... 2)"Geef ons een kans" - Het Noordsee Koor (Give us a Chance - The RNI Dutch DJ's) ..... 3) "Veronica" - Veronica Team (Radio Veronica song sung by DJ's, staff and ships crew) ...... 4) "Mi-Amigo" - Mi Amigo Boys (Radio Mi-Amigo Theme)........ 5) "Caroline" - The Fortunes (No Description required)...... 6) "Atlantis" - the Spoetnicks (Radio Atlantis theme)...... 7) Radio Noordsee Jingles ..... 8) More RNI Jingles ....... 9) "Asia Minor" - Kokomo and his Piano (Veronica DJ: Joost de Draaier theme tune)...... 10) "E.R.G." - Casey and the Prsssure Group (Veronica DJ: Jan Van Veen theme tune)....... 11) "The Kid" - Andre Brasseur (Veronica DJ: Lex Harding theme tune)...... 12) "Veronca Blijft(als U dat wilt)" - (Veronica stays - if you want it) - Veronica DJ: Rob Out ...... 13) Radio Mi Amigo Jingles ...... 14) Discobar and Radio Atlantis Jingles ...... 15) "Peace" - Peter (Song heavily featured on Radio Caroline in the early 70's promoting Loving Awareness) ...... 16) We Love the Pirate Stations" - The Roaring 60's (1960's classic pirate radio tune). The content of this LP is pretty rare, and much of this is not found on other LP's and CD's of the period... This is a must for collectors of Pirate Radio....Audio quality - Good



Issued as a follow up to the successful "Free Radio" CD...Here is: "FREE RADIO 2" The first CD - "Free Radio" - was originally produced on a French Label called Action Records, and captured the heady days of pirate radio off the Coast of Holland in the early 70's...... Now - here is "FREE RADIO 2", The follow up CD - featuring more Pirate Radio Sounds from the Dutch Coast in the early 70's:- Track Listing : - 1) Zeezenders Jingles - Radio Caroline Sonovox Jingles 73/4 ...... 2) Caroline Becomes Illegal (Again) - Sunday 1st September 1974 ....... 3) Los Piratos - Na Na Hey Hey...(Veronics DJ's Rob - Lex and Jan) ..... 4) Radio Veronica Jingles ...... 5) Mark Van Amstel - RNI - June 1974 - (about 30 minutes) ...... 6) Radio Atlantis Jingles 1973/4 .......... 7) Radio Atlantis Closedown - August 1974...... Running time - Over 70 minutes As with the previous "FREE RADIO" CD, the content of this new CD is quite collectable, and much of this material cannot found on other LP's and CD's of the period... This is a must for all collectors of Pirate Radio memorabilia.... Audio Quality - Fair / Good.



Hear how the offshore radio DJ's celebrated their Christmas - Features Radio Caroline, Radio London and many more..... 2 X MP3 CD



Using a number of early recordings from various sources, this is audio look at the beginnings of European Pirate Radio in the late 1950's & early 60's - From 'Radio Mercur' in Denmark and Radio Syd in Sweden, this is a story of how these stations paved the way for offshore radio in Holland and the UK. Running time -

Duration around 60 mins

Audio Quality - good

1 x Audio CD



Recorded from a number of independent sources, here are two completely separate and different interviews -

Ex-Radio Caroline DJ, Johnnie Walker talking candidly about his time on Radio Caroline, he describes his feelings when the station closed in 1968, and his subsequent move to BBC Radio One a year later. Johnnie then left the UK and became exiled working in American Radio. After 6 years in the States, Johnnie recalls learning of the return of Radio Caroline, and contacting the owners of the station, who gave him the position of Programme Controller. After a year of preparing to go back on air, several delays resulted in Johnnie leaving the organisation to work on Radio West in Bristol. Johnnie recounts his work with the 'new' Caroline, and tells of his bitterness towards the station, that had still not returned to air as this recording was being made. This would date the interview around 1982. In the second interview on CD 2 - Johnnie recounts his days on Swinging Radio England, and how he jumped ship to join Radio Caroline. Johnnie tells how "Man's Fight For Freedom" was created and the impact that the Marine Offences Act had on the Caroline operation and those at sea. Johnnie finally recalls his move to radio station KSAN in California, and his struggle to survive in the U.S. CD one - The audio quality is unmistakably AM, and the running time is around thirty minutes. CD 2 - sounds like this is from a cassette or reel tape. Quality is Good / Fair Running time around 50 mins. 2 x Audio CD set



Recorded from a number of sources, The "Admiral" Robbie Dale talks about his time with Radio Caroline, his association with Johnnie Walker on Caroline South & what happened at midnight on August 14th 1967. Robbie details how the 'Beat Fleet' came about, and how he went to work with Radio Veronica in 1968, when Caroline was closed down.... Robbie also recounts his time running Sunshine Radio - a "Super-Pirate" unlicenced radio station in Dublin.

Audio quality - Good Running time - over 60 mins



The founder of Radio Caroline talks candidly about how he started the world's most iconic radio station in 1964,....the pressures involved, and how he dealt with everything..... Ronan tells how Caroline changed the face of the music & radio industry in the UK & Europe, and how that influence still affects radio today.....Recorded from various sources

Running time 55 mins Quality - Good 1 x Audio CD



Simon Dee - the first voice on Radio Caroline in 1964, talks about how he found himself working for what would become the world's most iconic radio station. Simon tells what it was like to see the ship and the radio station for the first time in Southern Ireland, and how the fledgling DJ's went about setting up the sound of the station. Simon also talks about his career and his later move to BBC TV.

Recorded from a number of sources.

Audio quality - good Running time - over 40 mins