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                  AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE

Pirate Memories is taking part in a "Pirate Radio Tour"
of selected venues in the UK in 2014,
where we are trying to show as much of the 
'Flashback '67' exhibition as possible.
This tour began in March, when we attended
Radio Caroline's Birthday event on the 8th,
at the Corn Exchange, Rochester.
Further venues have been announced
as dates are confirmed,
and we have secured sufficient funding
to attend the events.
This Tour is costing a lot to operate,
and we are still a long way from our final target....

We have set up an information page here on the website,
which includes a 'Donate' section, 
and we have added a link to our Funding web-page....
See: "UK Pirate Radio Tour 2014" 
We are very grateful to those of you
who have already sent contributions,
and we are still exploring further ways
of finalising the necessary finance. 
We have tried to get to as many places as possible 
and see as many people as we can,
not just halls and museums,
but groups such as Media Students,
Radio Hams, Community Radio...etc, etc...
The list has been open ended.....
If you feel that you can still help this project 
& it might be of interest to a group
you are involved with - please let us know,
and we'll see if it's viable to attend....
2014 is a very important year for Pirate Radio
in the UK - 50 years since the beginning
of Radio Caroline at Easter 1964,
and the start of a cultural explosion
which changed the history of 
Radio & Music forever in the United Kingdom.....
Be a part of it.....Before it's too late!!
Contact us here at: