P I R A T E    M E M O R I E S - Offshore Radio Memorabilia / The Flashback '67 Exhibition
Radio Scotland song
The Carrick Folk four
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At the stroke of Midnight on August 14th 1967, a dream came to an end for Tommy Shields, the Managing Director of Offshore Pirate Radio Station - Radio Scotland. Coming on air on New Years Eve 1965, Radio Scotland was the only Pirate north of the border, and during it's short life, the station suffered from a number of problems, ranging from a poor signal to its target area, to having the ship towed round the coast of Scotland in search of a more suitable anchorage. The station was off air for a considerable amount of time, and advertising revenue suffered badly as a result. Tommy Shields had done his best to make the station a hit with listeners, but the constant breakdowns, and loss of programmes frustrated listeners, and Radio Scotland closed on Monday August 14th, never having fulfilled his aim of a truly independent radio station for Scotland. Indeed, he was so devasted by the loss of his beloved station, he died a broken man only months later. Here then is the final hour from Radio Scotland - running time : just over an hour - Audio quality - fair, but as you would expect from a recording of over 40 years old
Price: £5.99
A 2 CD presentation, featuring many original off-air recordings and a studio discussion about the Big S- Radio Scotland. (Recorded by Radio Clyde in the 1980's) Audio quality: - reasonable (some of the original clips are not too brilliant, but this was nearly 50 years ago!) Duration: 1hr 40mins
Price: £7.99
RADIO SCOTLAND - The Radio Scotland LP
A CD recording of this very rare LP, with over 40 minutes of Radio Scotland nostalgia, featuring Tommy Shields, Tony Allen, Ben Healy, and many more memorable audio moments from the BIG S.
Price: £5.99
Radio Scotland - Cathy Spence - Final 242 Clan Show
Broadcast on Radio Scotland over the final weekend before the Marine Offences Bill became law on Monday August 14th 1967, here's presenter Cathy Spence with the last '242 Clan' show. During the programme Cathy plays requests for 'Clan' members and trails for the remaining Clan Balls, organised around Scotland to wish the station farewell. Audio quality - Reasonable. Running Time : 65 mins.
Price: £4.99