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Radio 270
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Radio 270 Story
THE RADIO 270 STORY - Audio CD Here is a CD of a programme originally broadcast on Viking Radio in Hull, U.K., from July 1984. The Show, called "Focalpoint" is narrated by station presenter David Fewster, and features the story of Radio 270, from the original idea, to it's closure in August 1967. The CD features the voices of Wilf Proudfoot, the station's Managing Director, Don Robinson, one of the station's major shareholders, DJ's Paul Burnett, Brendon Power, Guy Hamilton, Rusty Allen and many more. There are station idents, programme excerpts, and music from this period of the swinging 60's, all of which was broadcast from the 'Oceaan7', Radio 270's ship off the coast of Bridlington, North Yorkshire, in 1966 and 1967. The original Viking Radio master reel of this programme was rescued in 1994, when the station scrapped it's entire sound archive. Now it is available for collectors of Offshore Pirate Radio recordings to enjoy....indeed a number of previous buyers have mentioned how this CD has brought back many memories of Radio 270, so perhaps it will bring some back for you too!
Price: £4.99
Radio 270 Photo
RADIO 270 - IN BRIDLINGTON HARBOUR - PHOTO Here's a photo - print of the 60's Pirate Radio station - Radio 270. The ship was called the Oceaan 7, and is pictured in Bridlington Harbour. Coming on air in June 1966, Radio 270 anchored around three miles out off Bridlington, on the North Yorkshire coast. This was a sheltered anchorage, and it as not uncommon for the vessel to up anchor after transmissions ceased at night, and sail into Brid' to load fuel and stores. This picture captures one such visit, but during daylight hours. Closing in August 1967, the station provided truly local radio, and is still fondly remembered by many people in the area. This picture measures 16cm x 12cm and comes in a card sleeve, and will be mailed to you in a hard backed envelope.
Price: £2.99
Radio 270 Final Hour
RADIO 270 - FINAL HOUR AUGUST 14TH - 1967 - Audio CD Here is a CD of the final hour of North Yorkshire, UK - Offshore Radio station Radio 270, from Monday August 14th 1967. Featuring programmes director Vince 'Rusty' Allen, this final 60 minutes in the life of Radio 270 features the voices of DJ's past and present - Ross Randell, Paul Burnett and Guy Hamilton. Rusty also talks to the members of the crew, and plays recordings of other DJ's that did not make it out to the radio ship Oceaan7 - home of Radio 270, for the closing broadcast. Indeed this incident caused a major upset for crewmen of an RAF helicopter from RAF Leconfield in North Yorkshire, on that day. As friends of one of Radio 270's DJ's, the crew were asked to fly over the Oceaan7 and drop a plastic bag containing a tape recording onto the vessel for broadcast during the last show. Sadly the tape ended up in the sea, but also in the package was a message to the 270 crew telling them not to mention the drop! It was rumoured that the then Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, demanded a report of the incident, and the pilot and his navigator were carpeted for the unauthorised flight. Unfortunately that did not alter events, and Radio 270 left the air to the strains of the National Anthem at one minute to midnight on August 14th 1967. In its 13 months on air, Radio 270 became a truly local station, with much local advertising. The station's programmes were never as good as their Southern counterparts in the Thames Estuary, but listeners in the North East of England certainly took Radio 270 to their hearts. This is a CD recording from a good quality off air transmission.
Price: £4.99
Radio 270 2CD Set PB
RADIO 270 - DJ PAUL BURNETT -14TH AND 15TH FEBRUARY - 1967 - 2 x audio CD SET
Price: £5.99


Radio 270 2CD Set MH / BS
RADIO 270 - DJ'S 2CD SET - CD 1 - MIKE HAYES 21ST JULY - 1967 CD2 - BOB SNYDER 25TH FEBRUARY - 1967 - 2 x audio CD set
Price: £5.99
Radio 270 DJ's
RADIO 270 - FEATURING DJ'S: NOEL MILLER - MAY 1966 DENNIS STRANEY - AUGUST 1966 DAVID SINCLAIR - JANUARY 1967 - Audio CD .....PLUS Bonus MP3 disc with other 270 presenters....Hal Yorke, Rusty Allen, Andy Kirk, John Aston & Alex Dee......
Price: £5.99

Radio 270 2CD Set RA / PK
RADIO 270 - DJ'S 2CD SET - CD1 RUSTY ALLEN - JULY 1967 CD2 PAUL KRAMER - AUGUST 1967 - 2 x audio CD set
Price: £5.99