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"Pirate Memories" / "Flashback '67"
 is always on the lookout for any memorabilia / photos / books /
newspaper cuttings / recordings 
(reel to reel , cassette, MP3 or other) ..
in fact ANYTHING related to Pirate & Offshore Radio......
 If you have anything at all - PLEASE....before you throw it out or put it on E-Bay....write to us or give us a call  and let us know what you have -
It may very well be useful to us to add to our exhibition or website......AND - We'll pay for anything we receive.
Collectors Gallery:
New additions to the
Flashback '67 Exhibition 

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Pirate Radio Archive Reel to Reel Tape
Found - a lost tape from 47 years ago! Excerpts from an original Archive Tape recorded in 1967 - Home Service in the Midlands. This is an original 1967 recording of a BBC documentary about the Pirate Stations
Radio London - Big L (non-sticky) plastic car
Window sticker - Brand New! 
BIG L plastic window sticker

7" vinyl recording of "Mr Tambourine Man"
by the 'Golden Gate Strings' - The theme tune of
DJ Keith Skues - Radio Caroline & Radio London
27-6-13B 002

Mike Ahern Fan Club photo & note: 
Mike Ahern Photo

          Original Radio Caroline Shoulder bag - circa 1966
Caroline Bag

                                     Big L - Radio London car Pennant
Big L Pennant
                              Two Radio London 45RPM 7" records -
                  The Red one at the front is an edit of
             Radio London's Final Hour - Aug 14th 1967....
The White one at the rear is the soundtrack to a Cine 8 film about Radio London, which the station sold to listeners just as it closed down in August 1967 ..... The film was £2 - 17 shillings and 6 pence in old currency.       
Big L discs
                          4 x Radio 270 original car stickers
270 stickers

            Colour pics of the Radio 270 vessel Oceaan7 -
     With 2 car stickers and original 25mm button badges 
     in red & black.....Apparently, the black badges are quite
                           collectable as they were not
                         on general release to listeners.
270 pics and badges

Made by Music Radio Productions (1976)

Radio Caroline 'TOP SPIN' Game
(Silver Bell Productions)


Very rare 7" Columbia record:  
The Chantelles - "My Hometown" 
(B side of "I Want That Boy" & a UK version of the 
Radio London PAMS Theme tune)

Radio Tower Microphone

Pictured left, is a very young Bill Rollins in the makeshift studio aboard Radio Tower, on the Sunk Head WW2 fort in 1965. 
In his hand he holds a small 'crystal' microphone - 
50 years later - Pirate Memories is now the proud owner of that same microphone..... Picture right: