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'Pirate Memories' Needs Your Help:


(Last few left!)
(Contents may vary slightly from picture - 
depending upon which stickers we have left)  

Donate £10 now - 
and receive a pack of genuine vintage
60's / 70's 'Pirate' car stickers:
These were donated to Pirate Memories in 2014, 
and are original 45 year old paper & plastic window stickers....

Donate £10 NOW - (or more if you can),
and we'll send you one of each - 
Radio London, Radio 270, Radio Caroline , 
Capital Radio (1970) - 4 different 
RNI & 'Free Radio Association' leaftlet 
Some are quite rare.....!

Simply donate a minimum of £10.00 and add your name & address.

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2014 & 2017 have been very special years, 
as it was 50 years since pirate radio 
began, and closed in the UK.

'Pirate Memories' & the 'Flashback '67'  Exhibition
have attended a number of events 
to celebrate & commemorate 
these important anniversaries.
We travelled hundreds of miles to  
attend commemorations around  the UK, 
and want to continue to do this ....

But it costs quite a lot of money...  

SO: .....Can You PLEASE help us:

 We'd still like to put a working fund of around £1000 together, 
to allow us to attend more events in 2018 and beyond,  
......and to purchase further rare items for the exhibition 
which could be lost forever if we don't step in. 

If everyone who reads this donated
£10, $10, or 10 Euros,
we'd get to this target in a matter of weeks!

Fuel costs are our biggest expense when touring .... 
In fact, at least 60% of the total costs go on travel.

We also have the upkeep and monthly fees of this website, 
and general operational costs involved with keeping the contents of the exhibition safe & accessible.
At some stage, we'd still like to offer some practical items,
 such a mugs, keyrings, and other point of sale material - branded with 'Pirate Memories' ....
In 2014, we attended 
the 'Radio Caroline' 50th Birthday event at
Rochester in March,
A local event in Folkestone in April, 
Met with 'Radio Sutch' in Herne Bay in May -
and we spent time in August & September  on a cruise ship,
a lightship, and down on the seafront at Felixstowe.

In 2016, we worked with 'Radio Caroline' in August, 
and also gave talks at several small events,  
on the subject of Offshore Radio & 1960's culture.

 2017 saw us in Pickering, North Yorkshire, Clacton, 
London and Felixstowe with the 'Flashback '67' exhibition, 
as well as continuing our talks to a number 
of small social groups. 

We are NOT going away or giving up, just because its 
50 years since we enjoyed offshore radio.
We consider there is still a healthy interest in the subject,
and we want to be a part of it....

We want to see as many of you as possible in 2018 
AND during the coming years
But most of all - we want YOU to see US....
               With your help - we are making it happen.....
See the "Flashback '67 Exhibition Update" page
for photographs of the show:
(Intellectual Property - Pirate Memories 2017) 
Thanks for your time & reading this article
Flashback '67' & 'Pirate Memories' 
(Updated - September 2017)

***We would like to make it clear that the recordings and products we sell through this website,  
only fund the purchase of more Pirate Radio related memorabilia 
and artifacts for the Flashback '67 Exhibition....

                  As website operators, we are not paid, and do not draw a salary for our work