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We start on Easter Sunday 1964 and Simon Dee opens the station, and introduces Chris Moore... Chris features again in the next piece from 1966, and then the Emperor Rosko and Keeter the K present a spoof broadcast from Radio Moscow!....
Mike Ahern presents "cut short" from Easter 1967...listen to this production masterpiece!... Then August 14th 1967 dawns and Robbie Dale says goodbye to the Big L, and later Caroline goes "International" at Midnight... Finally, there's the "loonabout" programme presented by Carl Mitchell, Glen Adams and Stevie Merike from December 1967...

This recording is around 60 mins and the audio quality is average, as you would expect from a recording of this age.
Price: £5.99
This CD contains the first station produced Jingles used by Offshore Pirate Station - Radio Caroline, several months after it came on air in March 1964. The recording session, according to my research, occured sometime in late '64, possibly, early 1965 and features session singer Madeleine Bell, with the unmistakable Hammond Organ heard on many of the original Caroline Jinglesin those early pirate days.
There is some dispute as to when the session was actually recorded, but whenever it was - many well known Jingles feature in the set - "Caroline - The Sound of the Nation" ... "Sounds Fine its Caroline" ... "Man thats Groovy" ...as well as instrumental beds, shorts and accapellas. This uncut recording session sounds pretty basic by todays standards, but can be considered a milestone in broadcasting history.
There is an additional track on the CD featuring organist Jimmy McGriff playing "Round Midnight". This tune was used to start transmissions on Easter Sunday 1964, and became the stations Anthem, closing broadcasts each evening. The tune was orginally used as the theme to a programme called "Sunset Serenade".
Price: £5.99
We start with the Radio Caroline Anthem "Round Midnight" by Jimmy Mcgriff... This tune was played every evening as Caroline closed it's broadcasts in 1964...
Track Two - is an early Radio Caroline promo called "Fourpence Off"... Set to a calypso beat, this rather strange production was aired in the first few weeks of broadcasting.
Track Three - we join Norman St. John and Graham (Spider) Webb, presenting programmes on 12th December 1965 (running time around 26 mins).
Track Four - is an abridged interview with Caroline DJ Johnny Walker and Radio London DJ Tony Windsor, talking candidly about there times on the Offshore Pirate Stations.
Track Five - Join Johnny Walker and Robbie Dale at Midnight on August 14th 1967 as Caroline becomes illegal...
Track Six - Caroline Jingles from 1973/4.
Track Seven - Caroline/Mi Amigo promo and jingle.
Track Eight - DJ Mike Hagler made this superb station promo in the seventies:- "From a Point at Sea"... Loving Awareness.
Track Nine - Hear around 20 Minutes at the Caroline Raid from 1989, as the station was taken off air by the Dutch Authorities.
Track Ten - New Riders at the Purple Sage - "On my Way Back Home", features references to Radio Caroline.
Price: £5.99
Join Andy Archer on Radio Caroline:
The Date: 27th February 1968....

The Time : Midday to 1.00 p.m.

Bud Ballou reads the news, then Andy begins his lunchtime show...It's bright and bubbly, there are the Caroline Hits, and some of the "plug" records that were keeping Caroline going financially at this point...
There are advertisements too, many of which had been cancelled after the Marine Offences Bill made it illegal to advertise on Offshore Radio stations...Nevertheless, Here is Caroline - still sounding great on 259 meters....Sadly, 4 days later, Dutch tugs towed away the Caroline ships, and the rest as they say, is History....

Running time - Nearly an hour. Audio Quality: Fair to good.
Price: £3.99
Join Andy Archer On Radio Caroline - Early 1968...

The Date: 27th February 1968

The Time: 1.00p.m. - 2.00 p.m.

Part two of the Andy Archer Show... A follow up to the "Part 1" CD....another hour of Pop Pirate Legend - Radio Caroline. Hear the Caroline Hits, the imfamous "plug" records, advertisements were few and far between, as the Marine Offences act took effect, and made it illegal to advertise on Offshore Radio....Nevertheless, the show went on....
Sadly, 4 days after this recording, Dutch tugs towed away both Caroline ships and the rest as they say - is History!!

Running time - nearly an hour Audio quality : Fair to good.
Price: £3.99
Here's "Part Three" of the Andy Archer show - Radio Caroline International - 1968

The Date: February 27th 1968

The time 2:00p.m. to 3:00p.m.

The show is still in full swing, but the "plug" records and promotions are now reaching fever pitch!! Those good old 'Major Minor' tunes are being sold for all they are worth! Andy stays on the case, and presents requests, and some golden oldies...Sadly, 4 days after this transmission the Caroline ships were towed away by Dutch tugs who took the ships to Amsterdam, where they lay abandoned for several years....and the rest, as they say,... is History!!

Audio quality varies, but in the main is fair to good... Running time : just under an hour.
Price: £3.99
Here's a photo - print of the 60's Pirate Radio station - Radio Caroline. The ship was called the Mi Amigo, and is pictured just after a repaint in 1966. Coming on air in May 1964 as Radio Atlanta, The Mi Amigo anchored only a mile from the original Radio Caroline vessel the Fredricia. Radio Caroline and Radio Atlanta joined forces in June 1964, and the Fredricia set off to the Isle of Man to broadcast as Radio Caroline North, leaving the Mi Amigo broadcasting as Radio Caroline South in the Thames Estuary.

This picture measures 16cm x 13cm, comes in a card sleeve, and will be mailed to you in a hard backed envelope.
Price: £2.99
Here is a CD recording of Top American D.J."The Emperor Rosko"

On Radio Caroline from August 1966 ....

Joining Radio Caroline in 1966, the Emperor caused a stir among the DJ's and Crew on Caroline when he came aboard with a Mynah bird called Alfie. The bird would sit in the studio, and interupt the presenters, with quotes like "Sounds Fine - It's Caroline".... I'm not sure whether Alfie features on this show, but there are many references to the days happenings on board Caroline South, the 1966 Beatles tour, and plenty of musical mayhem....Famous for his motor mouth style Rosko, real name Mike Pasternak, was well suited to the ad-lib style of presentation...He stayed with Caroline until early 1967, when he left to work on the French service of Radio Luxembourg, becoming the stations top DJ within a year.

Rosko can still be heard on a number of "Gold" format stations in the UK.

Naturally, with recordings of this age, the audio quality is fair to good, please do not expect not FM radio quality. Another great addition for collectors of Offshore Pirate Radio recordings.
Price: £5.99
Here's Ex-Radio Caroline DJ, Johnnie Walker talking candidly about his time on Radio Caroline, he describes his feelings of when the station closed in 1968, and his subsequent move to BBC Radio One a year later.

Johnnie then left the UK and became exiled working in American Radio.

After 6 years in the States, Johnnie recalls learning of the return of Radio Caroline, and contacting the owners of the station, who gave him the position of Programme Controller. After a year of preparing to go back on air, several delays resulted in Johnnie leaving the organisation to work on Radio West in Bristol. Johnnie recounts his work with the 'new' Caroline, and tells of his bitterness towards the station, that had still not returned to air as this recording was being made. This would date the interview around 1982.

The audio quality is unmistakably AM, and the running time is around thirty minutes.
Price: £5.99
Join Tom Anderson for the opening of the "New" Radio Caroline - 12 noon August 20th 1983. After many rumours of the return of Caroline, test transmissions were finally heard on 963kHz during the morning of the 19th August. The station returned in a rather unassuming fashion with tracks by the Fortunes - "Caroline", John Lennon and "Imagine" and the Loving Awareness Band with "Existance". This as followed by a low key announcement by Tom Anderson, who invited everyone to come on a 'couple of musical journeys'. Whether this was quite what the listeners had been expecting remains unclear, however the return of Caroline welcomed in another era of offshore radio in Europe, and the rest, as they say - is History!

The recording is clean and in the main, very good - It was recorded directly from an AM radio, and is 24 years old, however it is not up to today's FM standard.

However, as a piece of Radio memorabilia - It is nice collectors item...

Running time - over an hour
Price: £5.99
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