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I was at the 60's weekend on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway last weekend. You had an
information display in the Pickering station goods yard, on the Pirate radio stations of the 60's.
I was very interested in this information and display it was very well done,
 with loads of  history and information. 
 My local Pirate radio station was Caroline North, anchored off Ramsey Bay in the Isle of Man.
Many thanks
Philip - Morcombe

Hi Chris, I just wanted to say  how much u I enjoy listening to your offshore Radio recordings bringing back the good sounds of radio as it was. I have been listening to your shows for over 3 years now and told my friends to listen. 
It makes my Sundays as I look forward to hearing your offshore radio recordings, and listen on SoundCloud which is a great idea. Please keep up the good work....
Thanks! - James

My compliments to Chris Day for bringing back loads of memories today for myself & hearing Cathy Spence once again Broadcast from Radio Scotland 242 (1967) : -
                                                                       Gerry, Scotland

Hello Chris,I would just like to say how much I enjoyed the two programmes about Laser 558. It reminded just how good Laser was.I have been a great fan of offshore radio since the start of Radio Caroline, and always listen to your programme, and think the one on Laser was the best yet.Keep up the good work.
Regards, Ken Harvey. West Midlands.
Thanks for that nice historical program on the Offshore Pirates.
Hi Chris
I just wanted to say that I have been listening to you excellent show 
It's a show I love to listen to as it brings back fabulous memories of how radio was
Hi Chris,
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed this weeks show with the opening of Caroline. I remember that so well. I was living in Whitstable in those days. With my Dansette on my pillow desperately trying to find something to listen too only to find a really strong silent carrier wave. I thought my radio must be faulty, then all of a sudden test transmission Radio Caroline on 199. Well the rest is history!! I loved the way on the mic opening you could here the generators. Great stuff, thank goodness people recorded these programmes as this will NEVER happen again.
Many thanks Chris,
Kind Regards,
Mike B (now in NZ)